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Owner & Lead Designer

Michelle Manley is the inspiration behind Graphique Designs. As a full-time Mother, business owner and entrepreneur, it was Michelle's dream to create a studio where other entrepreneurs, inventors, entertainers, writers and big thinkers alike, could join passions and collaborate to create amazing work—two years later, Graphique was born.

However, before Graphique began, Michelle enjoyed an amazing career designing for the Entertainment industry. Working with such clients as Fox, MGM, Paramount, Lions Gate, New Line and Disney, Michelle has mastered the art of visual communication. Through years of analyzing current trends, target markets and extensive experimentation, Michelle acquired a knack for engaging the consumer through the right design for the right audience. As a result, Michelle has compiled a full spectrum of work, including design for custom packaging, DVD and Blu-ray collections, posters, indoor and outdoor displays, billboards, signage, books, publications, brochures, magazines, marketing materials, advertisements, branding, campaigns, events, promotions and much more! Working on such titles as The Sound of Music, 45th Anniversary Collection, The Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Star Wars: The Complete Saga, and so much more! It was an amazing 10 years, but, with the arrival of her new baby girl, Michelle decided it was time to move on to a new adventure.

So, in 2012, Michelle switched gears and embarked on her new journey as a full-time, stay-at-home Mom by day, and part-time, freelance designer by night. Nervous, but excited at the new prospect, Michelle leapt courageously into this new endeavor. To her surprise, immediately upon leaving, a long-time friend approached Michelle asking if she would design a cover for her newly finished book. She was self-publishing it, and in need of help, so of course, being attracted to other passionate creative professionals, Michelle wanted to help. Oddly enough, the printer was so impressed by the design that he began referring Michelle more and more work, and those clients in turn referred more clients, and so on and so forth. In just a few short months, a new path had opened up, and Michelle graciously followed its course.


For the past six years, Michelle's repertoire has continued to expand, but its primary focus has largely included book design and promotion for self-publishers, as well as branding and identity, advertising and event design for individuals and small business owners. She hopes to expand her business in the near future to include more restaurant, hotel and retail design, product packaging as well as dabbling in more areas of online marketing and digital media in an effort to provide a more full-service experience for her clients. Until then, she looks forward to meeting you (our prospective client) and seeing what we can do to help you too, to realize your dreams.

Michelle Manley is the definition of crème de la crème. Her design experience and the services she delivers are like no other. Michelle will listen to you and create a vision in her head. When you receive the design, it's everything you described and more. I have relied on Michelle for years and I will continue to do so for all future projects.
– Sara Stratton, Redwood Digital Publishing


At Graphique we understand that sometimes two, three or even four minds can be better than one. Fortunately, we have

the privilege of working and collaborating with a wide range of experts ranging from writers, illustrators, publishers, printers,

marketing experts and much more! Together, we brainstorm, strategize, experiment and most importantly deliver results.

Writing & Publishing


The GhostWriter


Robert Bruce Woodcox is a bestselling ghostwriter (over 40 books written) specializing in memoirs, business books and fiction, as well as a Pulitzer Prize Nominee (Fiction 2012), a publisher and a publishing consultant.


Mr. Woodcox currently resides in Newport Beach, California and is active primarily ghostwriting books, but is also guiding other writers in obtaining literary agents to become published in traditional venues, and/or helping them to self-publish. 


Redwood Publishing


Sara Stratton is the owner of Redwood Publishing, LLC. Sara spent five and a half years working with a well-known ghostwriting firm, helping them to develop their own self-publishing and production platform so that all authors could publish their stories. Sara then founded Redwood Publishing, which serves as a concierge publishing service to first time, third time, and even seven-time authors. Redwood provides services from editing and proofreading to design and production to publishing and distribution guidance, research, and hand holding. 


To contact Sara, please email her or call her at 949-829-BOOK.

Writing & Publishing



The 360 Marketer


Stephen is a brand-builder. At The 360 Marketer he helps organizations create, launch and nurture their brands by finding resonance with their target markets. It started with a 10 year foundation in consumer packaged goods marketing in Canada and the United States, after which opportunity, curiosity and serendipity enabled him to build brands in restaurants, new media, health care information technology and a non-profit business council. Whether the innovation was a game-changing new business or a line extension for a national brand, Stephen has led high-performing marketing teams to understand markets, take businesses to new horizons, exceed customer expectations and create market impact. Sell more.

What's your innovation? 

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